Kimberly Paul
Kimberly Paul
Giving meaning to the experience and sustenance to the soul


The faraway and nearby
Authentic experiences that nourish and inspire

I believe in a sophisticated yet down-to-earth way of living- blending traveling, local flavors, experiences with balance and wellness. I apply that same philosophy when creating each of my destination travel retreats. Hand selecting locations around the world, I seek out the hidden gems, unique, intimate, feels like home yet touches of luxury that allow you to relax and know you are fully cared for.

slow travel . hand crafted. highly curated retreats 


November 2, 2019
May 3, 2020

October 3-10, 2020 Cultural Immersion
October 12-16, 2020 The Artist Way

February 7- 10, 2020 SOLD OUT



Late Summer 2020


“On a deep level we all have a need and desire to live experiences that nurture our mind, body and soul. Some of us find this in travel and the exploration of new places… Others in workshops, cultivating passions and developing talents… And then there are those who draw inspiration from art, beauty, nature and food. The faraway nearby retreats  brings all this together”

Kimberly Paul - Founder