Kimberly Paul
Kimberly Paul
Giving meaning to the experience and sustenance to the soul



A Mind, Body, Soul Experience

Wake Up Yoga

Awareness through movement practice.  Slow deliberate movements that help to deepen the felt understanding of structure and alignment.    

Class blends precision in alignment with breath awareness.  Helpful for those working to heal from injury or chronic pain

Vinyasa flow

An Alignment-focused practice emphasizing deep conscious breath, core strength and inteliigent sequencing.  Builds strength and flexibility with  supported by hands-on assists

Tripsichore Inspired Vinyasa

A dynamic sequence of yoga poses that flow one into the next, involving a conscious coordination of the breath with intricate sequencing . Drawing on the teachings of Edward Clark, creator of Tripschore yoga. 

Level 1  

Less than one year of experience

Level 2

One to two years experience

Level 3 intermediate

More than three + years of experience or teachers approval

Where to find me


Peacebank Yoga Studio
Redwood City, CA

Wake Up yoga (Level 1 -2)

Vinyasa flow (Level 2)

Tripsichore Inspired Vinyasa (Level 3 intermediate)

The Village Hub. 
Woodside, Ca

Monday Summer Break Returns August 19th
10:30am-11:45am Art of Mindfulness and Movement

Fall I session - August 19th - September 23rd $120 payable to Kimberly Paul


"Kimberly is professional, graceful, knowledgable, and truly walks the walk when it comes to being a yogini. Her love and expertise shines through in her vinyasa flows -- they are unexpected in the postures, beautifully sequenced, cued expertly and clearly and her adjustments are intelligent, compassionate, intuitive and informed from a place of deep understanding of alignment through her years of Iyengar, while her personality and energy is nothing short of bright, lovely and nurturing.  and say with absolute clarity that Kimberly Paul is a force to be reckoned with -- with quiet humility to boot."

Aislinn C.   Palo Alto.  California